A KAA-Boomer’s Guide to Creating and Living an Explosive Second Act

A growing number of people think they will work past age sixty-five, and many of them have no intention of ever retiring. These rebellious baby boomers, otherwise known as  KAA-boomers, want to continue contributing to society even as they grow older.

These boomers are having an explosive effect on the world around them. Now in their fifties and sixties, they are pursuing exciting new careers and new relationships, and you can join them. Armed with the information in Rebel Retirement, you’ll be able to:

  • begin the process of change;
  • map your future;
  • turn your plan into action;
  • be the person who you want to be.

Instead of retiring from work, you can join the rebel boomers who are busy running their own businesses, launching new careers, entering into new relationships and generally living life to the fullest.

Shake off your fears, doubts and indecision, and overcome the roadblocks that keep you from achieving your dreams. Packed with information, strategies, tips and advice, Rebel  Retirement leads you on a transformative journey toward a happy new beginning.

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